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Arbel Judaica Wholesale Online Shop

Arbel Judaica Wholesale Online Shop
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Mishkan Hatchelet Tallises

Arbel Judaica Wholesale are pround to present the high quality Mishkan Hatchelet Tallises collection.
Tradition and innovativeness are the motif for these new modern design of Mishkan Hatchelet Tallises.
This Mishkan Hatchelet Tallises are decorated with a wool design and is manufactured by the laws of the Halacha and is a world knows successful brand.
Mishkan Hatchelet are a world known brand for selling Kosher Talitot by the Halacha.
Mishkan Hatchelet has over ten stores that sell their talitot just in Israel and also sell in the entire world.
All of the Talitot are made in Israel with a close watch to make sure that everything is done right by the Halcha.
Arbel Judaica is an Authorized distributor and you can order large amounts, we are here for any questions you may have.

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